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Dancing Beyond Cancer - Introduction


I am honored to have known an individual as unique, extraordinary, and loving as Danielle Elise Claire. Even though our time was limited, we lived a full life together. To this day, I cannot fully express in words what Danielle meant to me. Through this story, I hope to convey most of those feelings and emotions to my audience. A story of finding genuine love with an engagement so short we barely had enough time to plan our wedding. A wedding date filled with fear and trepidation but overshadowed with hope. Gratefully we had each other as we navigated our magnificent journey while facing a mighty nemesis. A testimony of love conquering all.

Danielle and I shared a connection that I have never shared with another living being. We truly had something unique, and it would be that connection that would give us the strength to face the struggles that lay ahead. We discussed this book and our story extensively before her passing. It was important to her that she could help contribute to it with her lifetime of knowledge. Putting our experience on paper would be therapeutic for me while also serving an even greater purpose. The lessons we learned and the mistakes we made would have a profound impact on both of us. I, most of all, had to learn from my mistakes for the sake of my wife.

It is a beautiful story that goes into the depths of love, loss, and ultimately recovering that which was lost. Through the journey, I was shown many signs that the universe was conspiring to help us against all the odds. Despite the many different names people give to the energy all around us, I found that God or Spirit dwelled within our days. Even when it appeared, all hope was lost, we found the inner strength or the perfect answers to guide us. Danielle and I both faced dark nights of the soul on several occasions only to have a miracle manifest enabling us to soldier on.

My wife’s life gives purpose to why this story needs to be shared. A life of mystery and intrigue surrounded Danielle throughout her twenty years in Sedona, Arizona. Several closest to her said she was like a cat with nine lives. She had so many close calls throughout her life; it was a miracle she was with us in the first place. Danielle was a survivor to her core; it was likely the biggest shock to all who knew her. Especially all who wished to be there but weren’t.

As a society, we are failing. We must start helping those who are in need. So many in our society are suffering because of sheer ignorance. I seek to stomp out this ignorance and help our society move in the right direction to provide a safe place for people to heal or pass peacefully. We can’t allow people to suffer needlessly in our society if we can make the situation better. I agree with Gandhi when he said, “A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” We have a long way to go before we live up to that measure of greatness.

In expressing the many problems, we faced; I hope to share the magic and miracles that carried us through. Although Danielle and I may have faced one of our planets most fearsome adversaries, it was us together that made the best out of terrible circumstances. An ending that without our genuine love, might have been far more tragic.

For as much as this story might seem tragic on the surface, there is so much more beauty hidden in this life; and Death is never the end.

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